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    Seamless Gutters

    Our on-site gutter machine rolls aluminum coil stock into seamless gutters, custom made for your home.

    Our on-site gutter machine rolls aluminum coil stock into seamless gutters, custom made for your home.  This means that there are no seams from corner to corner.  The result is a gutter system that is stronger overall and eliminates the possibility of leaking seams.

    Sun Home Improvement uses an on-site gutter machine to roll aluminum oil stock into seemless gutters, custom made for your home.

    Available Gutter Sizes

    • A five inch gutter is the standard for most residential applications.
    • A six inch gutter is available for long runs or applications where a higher volume of water is expected.

    Screw-In Brackets

    We use a screw-in bracket hanger system to secure gutters to the house.  The standard (less desirable) gutter hanging method uses a spike and ferrule.  The difference is illustrated below.

    Gutter Hangers

    Advantages of Screw-In Bracket Hangers for Gutters

    • The brackets screw into the gutter board, virtually eliminating the possibility of sagging gutters.  Spikes will often pull out over time with the added weight of ice and snow. This can result in visible sag.
    • The brackets clip inside the gutters, so there are no visible spikes on the face of the gutter. This results in a cleaner, smooth appearance.
    • Additional brackets can be installed without a visual compromise, thus resulting in higher strength.

    Leaf Guard Systems

    Sun Home Improvement offers a helmet style leaf guard system.

    Helmet Style

    • The four-foot panels are easy to replace in the event that one or more is damaged.
    • The installation does not affect your roof or its warranty as the product mounts directly into the gutters.
    • The helmet style offers a custom fit.
    • Aluminum end caps and miters enclose the system to ensure that debris and animals stay out.

    Sun Home Improvement offers a strainer style leaf guard system.

    Strainer Style

    • The strainer stays in place and is resistant to rain, snow, wind and pests.
    • It fits securely in new or existing five or six inch gutter.
    • There is no need to lift shingles. Therefore, the installation has no impact upon the integrity of your roof or its warranty.
    • The strainer keeps leaves, twigs and branches out.