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    Windows & Doors

    Sun Home Improvement offers both insert and full frame window replacement.

    Since 1983, Sun Home Improvement has specialized Window Replacement throughout Metro Detroit in Michigan. We specialize in wood, fiberglass and vinyl window replacement & We install premium quality windows from Pella, Andersen, & Sunrise.

    Window Replacement

    No matter which method you choose, you can be assured that your new windows will be custom manufactured according to precise measurements and exacting specifications.

    Even the best windows will only perform to their manufacturer specifications if they are installed correctly. That is why the certified installers at Sun Home Improvement are so thorough and precise with our window installations.

    Insert Window Replacement Method

    A new window is set into an existing frame opening.

    Insert window installation makes sense when:

    • The old window frame is square, level and in good condition.
    • The existing opening will permit structurally sound installation of an insert.
    • The casing and trim need to stay in place.

    The disadvantages to an insert window installation:

    • The visible glass area is smaller than that of a full frame window.
    • Insulation cannot be added between the window frame and rough opening.
    • Sill water protection cannot be added.


    Insert Window Replacement Method


    Full Frame Window Replacement Method

    The entire existing window is removed prior to installation of a new window.

    Full frame window installation makes sense when:

    • The old window frame is deteriorated beyond repair.
    • A larger opening is required by fire egress codes.
    • An improvement in energy efficiency is desired by reducing air leakage.
    • The existing window frame is not a candidate for insert window replacement.

    Advantages over insert window install:

    • The maximum R and U values can be achieved when all areas, including the rough opening, can be properly insulated.
    • Water protection can be added with sill flashing tape.
    • The interior casing and sill are replaced.
    • The exterior window trim is minimized to provide the greatest glass area.


    Full Frame Window Replacement Method